Azerbaijani jazz-pianist Emil Afrasiyab successfully performed at Tinos International Jazz Festival

Azerbaijani jazz pianist Emil Afrasiyab successfully performed at the International Tinos Jazz Festival which took place at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos on August 24-26, 2012.

Emil Afrasiyab played jazz compositions based on Azerbaijani folk songs (mugham), his new compositions “Two Worlds” and “The character” as well as compositions of Vagif Mustafazade and Farhad Badalbeyli.

The genre known as mugham jazz was created in the mid 60’s in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, and then became well-known  around the world. The founder, pianist and composer Vagif Mustafazade, combined elements of Western classical jazz (which had begun to grow in Azerbaijan since 1930), with melancholic melodies of Azerbaijani folk music (mugham) which is a part of the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan and Middle East.

The concert program of Azerbaijani pianist also included jazz compositions by George Gershwin and Miles Davis synthesized with Azerbaijani folk music.

The performance of Emil Afrasiyab was repeatedly interrupted by applause and generally was very highly rated by music critics and viewers.

As a sign of recognition of the achievements of the Azerbaijani school of jazz, the festival organizers decided to open a three-day program of the festival with the performance of the Azerbaijani pianist.

The performance at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos was the second successful concert of Emil in Greece. Earlier in October 2011 he won the Athens audience performing with a great success with his quartet at the Benaki Museum Concert Hall – one of the most prestigious music venues in Athens.

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