Evdokia’s impressions after visiting Baku

During my journey in Baku, the city of strong winds, I came up with a world of magic like the one that children imagine only in fairy tales.
When I looked into Azerians eyes it was like I was looking right into their soul which is full of will and kindness. Their warmth made me feel safe.
Since my Childhood I have heard a lot about this country and I now see with my own eyes , that Azerbaijan is a country with profound history and enviable culture. Culture like no other!
The architecture combines highly modern oriental and simultaneously striking fairytale style. The buildings of the city either modern or traditionally have something in common: designed with a generous imagination!
Their cuisine is one of the finest in the world not only because it is delicious, but most of all because it is served with care and love.
I admire Azerians because they are people from East Caucasus full of flame and pride!
I am glad that I had the opportunity to visit this country and I to contribute even a small piece of my art to the International 1st Great Silk Way Congress & Festival that took place in such a beautiful‘ building, the Buta Palace, reminiscent of modern ‘ 1000 + 1 nights ‘.
I hope to have the opportunity to offer more art in the future..
My name is Evdokia Moisidou, and I am a soprano.
Victoria-Fjoralba Qazim was at the piano.
I strongly believe that classical music is highly appreciated in this country and this is the reason I chose to sing classical songs interpreted with whole my heart!”

Evdokia Moisidou

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