NISA – NATO International School of Azerbaijan -Student Internship Programs

NATO International School of Azerbaijan offers student internship programs. The interns work on projects (from writing to
implementation), translate articles, write articles, work on website and organize events. After
concluding the internship period they are awarded with a certificate by NISA. The student
internship programs generally last for eight weeks.

NISA is a non-governmental organization that was registered in 2007. It is a venue of students,
graduates, researchers and practitioners to study and instruct a wide range of audience locally and
internationally. To this end, NISA sets up biannual sessions which encompass a huge
geography – around 1000 local and international alumni ranging from the United States to
Japan. NISA sessions touch upon underlying issues of regional and global significance. Apart
from that NISA frequently establishes lectures, roundtables, simulations and conferences that
bring together students of different backgrounds and disseminates information of paramount

For more information visit the official website www.nisa.az.

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