Message from Ambassador

I have a pleasure to welcome you to the webpage of Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Hellenic Republic.

Our webpage offers general information about Azerbaijan, its history and culture, economic and investment opportunities, social and political life of the country, as well as activities and events organized by the Embassy and information on bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Greece. Here you can also find information on consular and visa affairs, as well as links to several other information resources related to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is a home to one of the most ancient sites of humankind and has been historically renowned for its rich culture and natural resources. Azerbaijani people created the first democratic republic in the Muslim East in 1918 which was overthrown as a result of Bolshevik invasion in 1920. The country regained its independence again in 1991.

Located along the ancient historical Silk Road, in a geographic juncture of cultures and civilizations, Azerbaijan is a diverse country distinguished with values of multiculturalism and religious tolerance. Today the people of Azerbaijan, comprising various ethnic and religious groups, are working towards developing a modern and democratic state with free market and solid social institutions. The country's foreign policy focuses on restoration of our territorial integrity, promotion of trans-regional economic projects, cooperation with European and Euro-Atlantic structures based on equal partnership and mutual interests, contribution to the strengthening of global security. For the last decades our country has been contributing enormously into regional and inter-regional connectivity. Thus, Azerbaijan has initiated and is engaged in implementation of important energy, transport, infrastructure and high-tech projects.

Development of cooperation with European countries is one of the priorities of foreign policy of Azerbaijan. In this context, we are interested in development of multifaceted, comprehensive and mutually beneficial relations with the Hellenic Republic. Energy cooperation stands high in the agenda of our relations with the Hellenic Republic. We continue and intensify our partnership on energy through the promotion and implementation of the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) and its Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) segment. In addition to the existing cooperation in energy field, we aim to develop our collaboration in economic, social, humanitarian fields, to upgrade ties between our countries and nations.

Together with this webpage, I would also invite you to follow Embassy’s social media accounts for updates.

Sincerely Yours,

Anar Huseynov

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