Khazar University of Azerbaijan announces International Scholarship Program (KUISP) for 2016-2017 extended to nationals of all countries.


Khazar University International Scholarship Program

 Deadline for Applications: April 15, 2016

Scholarship Application Procedure

To apply for the KUISP Scholarship, applicants need to fill in and submit:

  1. Khazar University Application for Admission Form for the selected level of study (Bachelor, Master or PhD) along with all required documents listed in the application formKUISP Application Form
  2. Both application forms can be downloaded from Khazar University’s website:


Completed applications should be sent to the International Affairs Office by email or post. Electronic submissions are highly encouraged.

Email: Post:


Send your completed KUISP Application Form along with Khazar University Application for Admission Form and all required documents


Khazar University


International Affairs Office

41 Mehseti Street

Baku, AZ1096, Azerbaijan

Interested candidates may find detailed information on www.khazar.org.

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