BANM – Baku Summer Oil School

Baku Summer Oil School intends to contribute broadening participants’ knowledge on Oil industry, energy policy, developing their analytical skills to investigate the field, to learn more about the country from several aspects like academic, scientific, cultural, etc. The summer school program gives an opportunity for participants to explore and discover Azerbaijan which is mentioned in old historical sources as “a land of fire” through centuries due to its rich oil fields.

The program will be conducted in Baku, Azerbaijan. However, the field trips will be outside Baku and some part of cultural program will be one of the picturesque regions of Azerbaijan. Knowledge of English Language is a must since the medium of instruction is English. Apart from attending academic lectures, participant will have an opportunity to have trips to Oil Fields, to get practical knowledge by visiting several plants, to visit several museums. Cultural program is integrated to the academic program (visit to Sangachal Oil Museum, Fire temple, etc.). The lectures will be run by academicians who are the specialists of the field and possess long years of expertise in teaching. The program is enriched not only by field trips, cultural program but also guest lecturers will contribute and enhance the program with their own expertise and knowledge. The program will include 30 hours of lectures, field trips, sightseeing of Baku, and trip to regions. The lectures will cover the topics:

Azerbaijan as an Oil rich country
Energy Policy of Azerbaijan
Oil and Gas projects
Challenges of Drilling
Comparative analyses of developing oil rich countries and developed industrial countries
Renewable Energy sources and the perspectives
The program includes 2 days trip to one of the beautiful, and ancient and picturesque regions of Azerbaijan. The trip will introduce participants the most attractive nature, delicious cuisine, traditional colorful artistic works, historical sites and traditions of the country.
For more information visit: http://www.bhos.edu.az/ru/page/124-baku-summer-oil-school


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