Azerbaijani Culture Evening

"Azerbaijani Culture Evening" dedicated to 25th anniversary of restoration of state independence and State Flag Day of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held on November 8, 2016 in Athens at the luxury Divani Caravel Hotel.

Journalists and public figures from Greece along with the representatives of diplomatic corps participated at the event, which provided a great opportunity to taste Azerbaijan`s delicious cuisine samples.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Rahman Mustafayev highlighted the importance of cuisine in promoting Azerbaijan`s culture and in strengthening the cultural ties between the two countries.

The most delicious meals of Azerbaijani cuisine as Plov with saffron, Syabzi govurma with lamb and herbs, Turshu Govurma with lamb, dried apricots and cherry-plums, Fisinjan with chicken and walnuts, Dolma from grape leaves and lamb, Koutab, Lyulya kebab and others were ecpesially prepared and presented by the famous chefs from Buta Palace - Concert & Entertainment Complex.

The evening was accompanied by classical Azerbaijani music performance.


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