Presentation of shipping business opportunities of the Hellenic Republic organized by the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Office in Athens

On Tuesday, March 7, 2017 was held the meeting of the representatives of the Diplomatic Corps in Greece with the leadership of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy and the representatives of ship-owners’ organizations in Greece on board of the historic ship and Floating Museum «HELLAS LIBERTY» after the initiative of the Ambassador of Azerbaijan and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Rahman Moustafayev with the support of the Ministry Maritime Affairs. The main goal of the event was to promote the Greek shipping and to inform Heads of Mission about the business opportunities in the shipping sector.

The ship-museum HELLAS LIBERTY staff of the Coast Guard, led by its leader, Rear Admiral Mr. Stamatis Raptis, welcomed the Ambassadors and Greek Ship-owners.

The event began with a welcome speech of the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Athens, Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Hellenic Republic H.E. Mr. Rahman Mustafayev, who thanked the Minister and the attendees for their presence and spoke about the importance of the Greek shipping in the word.

The second speaker Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy Mr. Panagiotis Kouroumplis mentioned the special role of the Greek shipping in the support and development of the economy.

On behalf of Greek ship owners spoke the vice president of the Union, Mr. Panos Laskaridis, which discussed the achievements and prospects of the Greek merchant marine and analyzed the potential for international cooperation in this field.

The last speaker was Ms. Lola Ntaifas, deputy mayor and president of the Maritime Club of Piraeus, with the presentation of the role that can be played by Piraeus port in the development of commercial shipping.

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